Governing Council

Governing Council

In the morden society, technical & Professional education is need of the hour. The aim of education is three fold.

  • To impach knowledge.
  • To inculcate discipline,and
  • To realize the best of subject talent of an individual to be used for the society.

We all know that now a day’s ALLIED SCIENCE is a major concern, not for Indian industry, but as a subject in itself has been a world of interest for foreign industries. It is a rejuvenating area of excellent growth. We at NETT PARAMEDICAL COLLEGE are visionary this is the only impact which we leave stamped with our being prominent and keen to enter into the reime of ALLIED SCIENCE COURSES & PROFESSIONAL COURSES. We welcome you all to an entirely new world of opportunities.With best wishes. 

Our Chairman Dr Purushotham Tahilramani felicitated by Nitin Gadkari

Maharashtra Munch Award 2018 for Excellence in Education