Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an allied health science dealing with both physically and mentally health of the client. This therapy can be used day to day activities of work, self-care, leisure and play to enhance the development of skills and possibilities. It also includes the adapting the work or environment as per the present abilities of the client to attain maximum independence and improves the quality of life. In Occupational Therapy Courses in Mumbai, we make the candidate learn to figure out the areas which are affected and how we can assist that person in performing these activities in a more functional and successful way.

Occupational Therapy Courses in Mumbai incorporates the purposeful professional that enables the mentally or physically challenged people to enjoy their everyday life. The main job of an occupational therapist is to help the patients who have lost the ability to do routine everyday activities due to some handicap or physical, developmental or congenital problems uniformity in their lives. By working in the close coordination, the therapist not only helps the patients to develop the skills that are required but also competent these with the compensation skills to allow the patients to become independent in small activities.