Physiotherapy or physical therapy helps a patient to increase his physical movement and functions through the exercises and different therapies. Physiotherapists play a crucial part in patient care and as seen in the recent years, the scope of physiotherapists has increased.

To make a career in the physiotherapy domain, you must join Physiotherapy college in Thane. This eligibility for this course is you should have completed class 12th with biology as the core subject. The education eligibility requirements vary as per the physiotherapy specialization you wants to pursue.

After attaining a relevant course from Physiotherapy college in Mumbai, one can find ample opportunities in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, homes, and private clinics. Moreover, you can also start working at the outpatient clinic, health club, fitness centers, special schools or health care center. After gaining years of experience, you can also set up your own physiotherapy center.

At Physiotherapy college in Mumbai, the course mainly deals with the understanding of the physical examination, diagnosis, assessment and accurate treatment. Once this course gets over, an individual can also apply for the master degree in physiotherapy. Some of the important required qualities to fulfill the rewarding role are compassion, patience, tolerance, concern, practical and good communication skills.